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Soil spectroscopy group at AGRO, AARHUS University, Department of Agroecology

Contact(s): Maria Knadel

Laboratory Capacity

Soil spectroscopy is one of the research areas within the Soil physics and Hydropedology group, at the Department of Agroecology, at Aarhus University, Soil spectroscopy. The group adapts such spectroscopic methods as vis-NIRS and Laser Induced breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to basic and functional soil properties’ estimation. These techniques are applied in conjunction with advanced multivariate data analysis including both linear and nonlinear techniques. Most of our sensors are lab instruments and for field applications we use a mobile sensor platform. We have developed a national spectral library for Danish soils (~ 6000 spectra) that is being used and constantly expanded in relation to different projects. The group is also about to upgrade our laboratory with an FTIR sensor to supplement the library with MIR spectra. The group organizes an intensive course on NIRS in soil science focused on both theoretical and practical aspects of spectroscopy as well as extensive hands-on experience in the la-boratory and with spectral modeling (Near infrared spectroscopy in soil science ( Spectroscopy-based soil characterisation is also used by the scientists in the group in modelling and digital soil mapping.

Areas of Interest

The group is interested in collaborations through joint project applications, publications, supervision of PhD students and postdocs, hosting guest researchers as well as training (course in NIRS).


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