Global Soil Partnership

3rd Annual Meeting of the International Network on Soil Biodiversity | 16 - 17 January 2024

Day 1 – 16 January 2024

Welcome  Dr Peter de Ruiter, NETSOB Chair

Importance of soil biodiversity | GSP Secretariat

Keynote | Carlos Guerra, Brajesh Singh, Diana Wall

NETSOB organization, objectives, and goals | Dr Peter de Ruiter

GLOSOB organization, objectives, and goals | Mr Jacob Parnell, NETSOB coordinator

Presentation of the results of the Global Survey | Dr George Brown, Vice-chair and lead of WG on Measuring, Assessment and Monitoring


DAY 2 – 17 January 2024

Progress of the WG1 - Measuring and Monitoring Soil Biodiversity| Dr George Brown

Progress of the WG2 - Management Practices | Dr Zoë Lindo

Progress of the WG3 - Economics of Soil Biodiversity | Dr Gian Luca Bagnara

Progress of the WG4 - Policies around Soil Biodiversity | Dr Rosalina Gonzalez

Election of NETSOB Chair | moderated by Mr Jacob Parnell

Closing of the session, new NETSOB Chair



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