Global Soil Partnership

Evidence-based decisions are central to the achievement of  Sustainable Soil Management (SSM), which in turn is critical to the achievement food security and nutrition, and to the Agenda 2030. While the quantity and quality of soil data are fundamental, soil information must also be harmonized and globally consistent to have impact. Established in 2017, in the framework of the Global Soil Partnership’s Pillar 5, the Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN) facilitates networking and capacity development through cooperation and information sharing between soil laboratories with different levels of expertise.

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Fill out the form and send it to [email protected] and to [email protected]. Once your application is processed, your laboratory will be shown on the interactive map.

At the moment of their registration in GLOSOLAN, all laboratories receive a letter and a certificate of registration. Please note these documents DO NOT certify the proficiency of laboratories in soil analysis. Therefore, they cannot be used to state that a laboratory is certified under GLOSOLAN or has a good proficiency in soil analysis.

Main objectives

  • Make soil information across labs, countries and regions comparable, interpretable;
  • Build a set of agreed harmonization principles;
  • Improve quality assurance and control (QA/QC) of soil analyses;
  • Promote information and experience exchange.

Investing in more efficient labs and harmonized data has national, regional and global implications. GLOSOLAN is an efficient and effective way to:

  • Provide reliable evidence to support better decision-making at both field and policy levels;
  • Support countries in reporting on progress made towards the SDGs;
  • Contribute to the development of international standards and indicators;
  • Contribute to the assessment, monitoring and sustainable management of soil and provide quality data to support the establishment of National Soil Information Systems that can feed into the Global Soil Information System (GLOSIS);
  • Assist companies manufacturing laboratory equipment in improving their products;
  • Identify research gaps and increase investments in research.

Thematic areas of work

GLOSOLAN works to give you the best and most complete assistance possible. In order to facilitate your browsing experience we organized the work GLOSOLAN does into thematic areas. Please click on your thematic area of interest to access its content.

SpectroscopyFertilizers quality assessmentQA/QCSOPsEquipment

Please note that GLOSOLAN is organizing regular training opportunities to enhance laboratories’ technical and human capabilities. Training is organized appealing to a collaborative system in which volunteering laboratories and countries are given support to host and co-finance the trainings. Co-financing is seen as an asset to ensure the sustainability of the network, increase the attention and support of national governments on soil, and to advertise country specific strengths in soil laboratory analysis. Advanced laboratories and countries are especially invited to give their contribution, stretching their hand towards those in need.


Chair: Ms. Nopmanee Suvannang (Thailand)
Vice-Chair: Mr. Rob de Hayr (Australia)
Programme coordinator: Ms. Lucrezia Caon (GSP Secretariat)

Technical working group


Annual meetings


2020, Rome

Fourth GLOSOLAN meeting. Details of the event

2019, Rome

Third GLOSOLAN meeting.  Details of the event; Agenda; PresentationsPhotogalleryReport

2018, Rome

Second GLOSOLAN meeting. Details of the event; Agenda; Report; Presentations; Photogallery

2017, Rome

First GLOSOLAN meeting. Agenda; Report; Presentations; Photogallery; More details

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GLOSOLAN is constantly looking for highly qualified experts to involve in its activities as trainers and/or advisors. Learn more about them and get the help you need! 

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Resource partners supporting GLOSOLAN

Please visit the Healthy Soil Facility webpage here to learn about the resource partners of the Global Soil Partnership and its Global Soil Laboratory Network