Boosting transparency of forest data



Arena is an open-source technical solution enabling forest data collection, storage, management and analysis. Open Foris is a suite of open-source solutions that can be tailored to fit user’s needs, from field data collection to satellite image classification. With the addition of this new platform, the analysis and reporting of forest data is more efficient and flexible than ever before.


This educational video is aimed at raising awareness on the importance of forest data collection, analysis and dissemination under the Paris Agreement, focusing on the establishment of the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) and National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS).


Forests cover nearly one-third of land on Earth. They shelter most of the planet’s biodiversity, help fight climate change and are a source of vital products and services. Reliable information on the status of forest resources is crucial to halting deforestation and managing forests wisely. The Global Forest Resources Assessments is the most comprehensive assessment of the world’s forests.


This video was produced by the UN-REDD Programme in Colombia, Acandi, on community monitoring of forests, with COCOMASUR.


The Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) aims to strengthen the institutional and technical capacities of developing countries to meet the transparency requirements of the Paris Agreement. Discover how this can help your country: