EAF-Nansen Programme

Putting those shiny new labs to use on the Nansen

There’s more than one fish in the sea, as our intrepid scientists discover during their long hours in the fish lab.

It’s always nice to be the first, as the scientists aboard the Nansen are quickly discovering. But those shiny, new laboratories may not remain that way for long after long shifts working to study and classify the fish.

Pelagic fish expert Merete Kvalsund of Norway’s Institute of Marine Research (IMR) reports to us that the first days of the survey voyage are going well. Scientists and crew have eased into their shifts that guarantee 24-hour coverage.

Each team of scientists and crew work a series of three eight-hour shifts in a twenty-four hour period.

Preparing the trawl

In such intense first days on board, the teams set up smooth work rhythms, and learn to work together to handle the busy periods.

This first leg of the voyage began in Casablanca and will continue along the coast of Morocco. 

Sampling of the pelagic ecosystem is taking place - ranging from shallow water to 500 meter-depth.

We’ll let the scientists and crew ease into their shift patterns – even more important on the new Nansen’s maiden voyage – before they report more to use about their daily work and impressions on life on board the new Nansen.

Wishing them a successful start to the survey voyage, and many productive hours in the fish lab!

Dinner or scientific research material? Preparing for the fish lab.
Gathering the fish needed for research. The new trawl nets are optimized to gather only as much as needed.
Let the work begin! Measuring and classifying fish in the Nansen laboratory.
Northwest African marine life at a glance. Scientists on board measure, classify, record and study during their shifts in the fish laboratory


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