Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change

EX-ACT enhances GHG monitoring in Central America

News - 02.04.2024

The EX-ACT team has recently delivered two trainings in Central America on the use of the EX-ACT suite of tools for monitoring and reporting of project and investment externalities, with a specific focus on GHG fluxes.

The Country offices of Nicaragua and El Salvador are actively working with their respective national authorities to establish specialized teams capable of evaluating climate impacts for informed decision-making. The trainings aimed at strengthening the FAO country office and national team's skills in applying EX-ACT for climate analysis within decision-making processes.

In El Salvador, the EX-ACT team has delivered a training on EX-ACT in the context of an ongoing collaboration between the EX-ACT team and the GCF Team in FAO, part of the Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment (OCB), to support the Monitoring of funded projects. The training covered the main modules of the tool, as well as guidance, in line with requirements from the GCF, on the performance of continuous monitoring and reporting in the context of the specific GCF-funded project “Upscaling climate resilience measures in the dry corridor agroecosystems of El Salvador (RECLIMA)”.

In Nicaragua, following up on a previous training, the EX-ACT team delivered a second workshop to FAO Nicaragua. The training took place over five full days to provide a comprehensive technical understanding of pending modules of EX-ACT including flooded rice, wetlands, fisheries. Additionally, it covered the use of EX-ACT VC for the assessment of value chain impacts including socio-economic aspects, which are particularly relevant in the national context.

Participants included government officials from national ministries, project coordinators, and stakeholders from the FAO Nicaragua Office.

More information can be found at this link.