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Unlocking the potential
of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific



22 December 2023, Rome – To shed light on the role of aquatic food systems in feeding a growing global population while protecting the planet, FISH4ACP’s virtual tour examined how oyster producers in The Gambia and small-scale tilapia farmers in Zimbabwe improve the food they eat, the income they earn and the environment in which they live. 

The virtual tour, FISH4ACP’s online conversation on fish value...


7 July 2023, Rome - Aquaculture is booming business in Africa. It also provides jobs and is becoming increasingly important in feeding the continents’ growing population. The latest FISH4ACP virtual tour attracted a record number of people to an online discussion on Africa’s aquaculture value chain development.

“As wild fish stocks are on the decline, aquaculture is becoming critical for Africa to meet growing demand for fish,” said Peter Wekesa, Environment...


22 December 2022, Rome - Women play a major role in fisheries and aquaculture, but their voices are not always heard. FISH4ACP’s virtual tour zoomed in on women in aquatic value chains and sparked a lively debate on how working smarter, not harder can empower women.  

The online event kicked off with a video on The Gambia, where oyster production is mostly run by women, before moving on to Zambia, showing...


18 July 2022, Rome - From the Dominican Republic and Guyana to Cabo Verde and from Sao Tome and Principe to Papua New Guinea and the Marshall Islands, FISH4ACP’s Virtual Island Tour went around the world to discover opportunities and challenges of fisheries and aquaculture in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). 

“For Small Island Developing States, the ocean means everything,” said Erdenebileg Sandagdorj on 23 June 2022 at the start of...


10 December 2021, Rome - In the wake of the 2022 International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture, FISH4ACP’s fourth virtual tour paid a tribute to artisanal fishers, fish farmers and fish workers, and took over 200 participants on a virtual fishing tour off the coast of Sao Tome and Principe and for a stroll along Zimbabwean tilapia ponds.  

According to Maria Olga de Andrade, a fishmonger from Sao Tome and...


20 July 2021, Rome – Nearly 150 participants to FISH4ACP’s third online event went on a virtual tour from the heart of the Pacific Ocean to the coastal waters of Cameroon and the ponds of Côte d’Ivoire’s interior, learning about the challenges and opportunities for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture development from the people behind the value chains.

FISH4ACP’s third online event, held on 23 June 2021, screened a series of engaging...


15 April 2021, Rome - Over 250 people joined for the second installment of a series of exchanges on how the innovative FISH4ACP programme supports fisheries and aquaculture value chains in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific to become stronger and more sustainable.

The online event, held on 18 February 2021, explored how people in Guyana, Senegal and Tanzania manage to make a living from fishing and the...


6 November 2020 - Nearly 400 people who joined the first online event of the newly started FISH4ACP programme went on a virtual tour meeting the people behind the value chains that FISH4ACP aims to reinforce in the Dominican Republic, Guyana and Nigeria.

The event was held on held on 16 July 2020 during a week packed with “virtual dialogues” on fisheries and aquaculture meant to keep the momentum towards...