Forest and Water Programme

2023 UN Water Conference Virtual Event - Counting Fish from Forests for Food Security: Multidisciplinary Watershed Management

20/02/2023 31/03/2023

This event took place as part of the UN 2023 Water Conference.  The recording of the event is now available here:


The eLearning launched during the event, Resilient Rivers: Counting Fish from Forests for Food Security, includes sections on watersheds, forests, freshwater, fisheries, and integrated watershed monitoring and management and is now freely available here:


After registering with FAO eLearning (or logging in if you are already registered), simply click “Access Course” a second time.  We hope this course can be useful in developing watershed councils, cross-training for fisheries and forestry officers, and as a foundation for interdisciplinary university courses.  Please share any feedback and/or let us know how you are using it.  Minor technical upgrades will take place over the next weeks and a digital badge will eventually be available.  The course will be available in Spanish within a few months.


We would also like to share a map of the upper Kafue Watershed which displays an integrated watershed assessment linking forest cover change, fisheries data analysis, community knowledge, and expected change in climate and human population growth.  It can be used in association with the eLearning above and is freely available here:


Please share a photo if you download and display.


Finally, the new SEPAL application, introduced inside the eLearning, which calculates forest cover change over time and across sub-catchments for any watershed in the world, is described and accessible is here:


For more information please contact: 

Ashley Steel (Forestry Division, FAO) at [email protected]

John Valbo Jørgensen (Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, FAO) at [email protected]