Mécanisme pour la restauration des forêts et des paysages

Vanuatu National Inception week of the SIDS Ecosystem Restoration Flagship

From 10/04/2024 to 20/03/2024

Location: Vanuatu

The national Vanuatu component of the Small Island Developing States Ecosystem Restoration Flagship will be kicked off in Vanuatu from 10 – 20 April 2024. Experts from the Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism (FLRM) and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Division of FAO and from the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs will undertake consultations at the national level and at the local level to ensure ownership and alignment with local needs.

This Decade flagship is centered within three SIDS cross the 3 regions (Comoros for the AIS region, St Lucia for the Caribbean, and Vanuatu for the Pacific) and aims to strengthen SIDS’ capacity in integrating marine and coastal ecosystem restoration into economic recovery and sustainable growth through a connected “ridge to reef” approach.

At the end of the mission, a national workshop will be organized to bring together all relevant stakeholders across the different sectors to ensure a common vision and understanding on how this Flagship will build on existing projects and programmes and how it is linked to the Global Flagship project. The national workplan for Vanuatu will also be validated to kick-off project activities for the three year work programme.

For inquires and questions, please contact [email protected] (NFO) or [email protected] (NFI).