Workshop on the use of tools for managing land tenure claims in communal lands


This event organized by FAO and Utz Che’ with the financial support of DFID and Ford Foundation, was aimed to exchange experience and methodology about the land tenure management and local governance in communal lands, in the Mesoamerican region. The objective was to form young people, indigenous and small farmer’s leaders, as well as geographers on the use of methodology and instruments for the administration of tenure over land rights and natural resources. Several indigenous peoples, small farmer communities, social organizations and universities were associated to this purpose.

Furthermore, this workshop sought to develop an initiative that enables communities interested in using Open Tenure and other tools related to the territorial governance to receive a technical support. 

To: 17/05/2016 Until: 20/05/2016
Institution: FAO and Utz Che’
Localization: Corazón Del Bosque, Santa Lucia Utatlan, Guatemala
Country: Guatemala
Document: Relatoria_Taller_Guate_OT 27 junio.pdf