Knowing water better: towards fairer and more sustainable access to natural resources - KnoWat

Country Activities

The KnoWat project aims at building capacities for water resources assessment in Rwanda, Senegal and Sri Lanka, consisting of water accounting, governance and tenure assessments. 

The focus of the water resources assessment will be different in each project country: 

  • In Rwanda, several scenarios of water allocation will be explored in the context of increasing competition among water users in the Yanze, Muvumba and Lower Akagera catchments. 
  • In Senegal, the project will seek to better understand the interlinkages between water and land tenure in the delta of the Senegal River Basin.
  • In Sri Lanka, the assessment will analyze the different strategies to manage water in a more sustainable manner in the Malwathu river basin. 

Use the left menu to read more about the activities and results for each country. Visit the Resources page to see the publications and videos.

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