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Providing access to land and water resources is fundamental to ensure local and national food security, especially in conditions of water scarcity, climate change and increased competition. Water is a vital resource for people’s livelihoods. It is important to manage it efficiently and equitably. Water accounting and water tenure assessment provide a comprehensive understanding of the availability and access to water resources needed to manage water sustainably. Read more.

On the ground

Harnessing source of life in Rwanda

From 2019 to 2022, the KnoWat project worked together with Action for Environment Protection and Promotion of Agricultural Sector (APEFA) to tackle water scarcity and improve local water management solutions in the Yanze catchment.

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Senegal has a considerable potential of water resources. Equitable access is a challenge, particularly in the Senegal river delta which is home to many farmers and critical for the country's food security. Read more.

Sri Lanka is one of the best examples for ancient sustainable river basin management in the world. In the Malwathu basin, ancient irrigation tanks are complemented by modern multi-purpose reservoirs, requiring careful water allocation planning. Read more

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