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Sahel transformed— Excerpts from the field

Good Practices of integrated resilience activities in the G5 Sahel

The World Food Programme (WFP) is scaling-up investments to build community assets, promote education, improve nutrition and health, and create jobs for young people in the G5 Sahel countries – Burkina Faso, Chad, Mauritania, Mali and Niger. The aim is to achieve transformative change by assisting 2 million people until 2023.

The G5 Sahel countries are home to 80 million people, a very young population that is expected to double within only two decades. This puts a strain on existing natural resources, basic services and safety nets. At the same time, this presents an enormous opportunity to harness the demographic dividend, making most out of the drive of a young population looking for a better future. 

In this booklet some concrete examples of good practices from the five countries are presented, completed with an overview and technical description of the interventions tailored to the specific context and needs of each community, alongside with results achieved to the benefit of the communities.

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