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Accountability to Affected People

Experiences and good practices from FAO country offices

Accountability to affected people (AAP) is an active commitment to put vulnerable and affected people at the centre of humanitarian action. It stems from past failures of the humanitarian system to meet the needs and recognize the abilities of people affected by crises. Committing to AAP means empowering people to participate in decisions and shape programmes that affect their lives and livelihoods. A set of definitions and commitments pave the way for truly accountable humanitarian assistance now and in the future. FAO has made progress in implementing AAP across regions and programmes, and has identified a range of experiences and good practices.

In 2019, the Leave No One Behind and KORE teams in OER at FAO joined forces to develop a template designed to capture good AAP practices. The examples presented in this document have been identified and documented, in collaboration with FAO decentralized offices, using this template. This compendium showcases various examples from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Yemen, and aims at demonstrating how the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) AAP commitments have been promoted and upheld by various FAO country offices. The final objective of this initiative is to share knowledge on good and promising AAP practices, and to incrementally move towards more accountable and protective programming.


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