Inclusive and Sustainable Territories and Landscapes Platform

Project Summary

The objective of the Inclusive and Sustainable Territories and Landscapes Platform is to promote integrated approaches of territorial and landscape development in order to help countries better face the challenges associated with poverty reduction, environmental sustainability and sustainable rural development. 

Through this space for sharing content and experiences in which these approaches have been applied in the different regions of the world, FAO intends to foment mutual learning and capacity building among countries in the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies and tools on a local, national and regional level. 

Decision makers and technical specialists in government agencies, project implementation units, entrepreneur and producer associations, universities, innovation centers, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and foundations, among others, are thereby given access to new approaches, methodologies, tools and indicators that measure the changes produced in the territories upon implementing integrated interventions. 

An innovative element of the Platform is to offer territorial and landscape development mapping of countries and regions, as well as the systematization of relevant case studies. This initiative, financed by the Millennium Development Goals Fund, will be developed over the course of this year as part of the project: “Strengthening the implementation of territorial and landscape development approaches for sustainable rural development and poverty reduction.” The project will be implemented in six countries: Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Moldavia. On a regional level, we have the experiences of Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union. For the EU, we will study the utility of this tool in the formulation of territorial and landscape development policies, programs and projects in other regions, considering the difference of regional contexts. 

Based on the initial content of the Platform developed by the FAO Investment Centre as part of the FAO / World Bank Cooperative Program (FAO / WB CP) in 2015, subsequent collaborations with the FAO’s Strategic Programs, particularly Programs for Sustainable Agriculture (SP2) and the Program for Rural Poverty Reduction (SP3), and the Water and Land Division (CBL), have contributed to the updated version online.   

In broad terms, the Inclusive and Sustainable Territories and Landscapes Platform offers a systematization of territorial and landscape approaches applied to different countries, as well as the incentives, tools and public policies used in its implementation. It also includes all the levels of action in which these approaches are applicable, whether national, regional or local. The geographic coverage of the Inclusive and Sustainable Territories and Landscapes Platform has been expanded to include more regions since the previous version, featuring: 

  • A systematization of territorial / landscape development experiences that will be progressively expanded to include the countries’ participation.
  • A reformulation of the Components of both the territorial and landscape development approaches to highlight the conceptual framework of each, how they are operationalized and how the transformation of the territory or landscape is measured.



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