Inclusive and Sustainable Territories and Landscapes Platform

How to use this Platform?

Why use a knowledge platform? 

Knowledge generation is one of the key tools nowadays for promoting development strategies of poverty reduction, food security and sustainability. Through this Platform, FAO hopes to foster integrated approaches that include both the socio-economic dimensions and the sustainable management of natural resources, as well as supporting the exchange of good practices in terms of tools that facilitate these approaches. 

FAO understands that major efforts must be made in order for the organizations associated with the design, implementation and monitoring of territorial and landscape policies, programs and projects to have well-trained professionals that promote sustainable actions and foster a fluid relationship between the different organizations generating knowledge. 

With this initiative, FAO intends to document how governments are supporting the implementation of these approaches and what are the main challenges in reducing poverty and promoting sustainable rural development. This Platform is intended to lay the foundations for expanding the repository of territorial and landscape experiences, thereby fostering mutual learning between different regions and countries around the world. 

Through the participation and contributions of local actors, the needs of these territories will be addressed and met, enabling easy access to knowledge and solutions, while also promoting good practices and success stories among the various members of the Platform. 

Who uses this Platform? 

The primary users of the Inclusive and Sustainable Territories and Landscapes Platform are actors that play a role in the design and management of territorial and/or landscape development policies, programs and projects: government agency specialists, project implementation units, territorial companies and associations, universities and research centers, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, etc. 

What will you find on this Platform and how can you participate? 

The Platform offers a conceptual framework for territorial and landscape development approaches in addition to the main components that characterize said approaches. A list of the primary tools for operationalizing the Platform in the territories has been compiled for each component, as well as potential indicators to measure them. 

In conjunction with local actors, the project team offers the innovative element of mapping territorial and landscape development experiences by countries and regions, as well as the systematization of relevant case studies in Colombia, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Moldavia, and Lebanon. The results of this initiative will be presented at a Workshop in Lebanon in December of 2019 and disseminated through this Platform. 

What are the modules of this Platform and how can you participate?

  • Project Summary – Here you will find the key information about this Platform: objectives, members, contact, etc.
  • Components – This section presents a series of key components of the territorial and landscape development approach: systemic sustainability; governance; social inclusion; territorial planning; rural-urban balance; sustainable food systems; ecosystem resilience to climate change; rural entrepreneurship; and rural innovation. 
  • News – News about events, conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Countries and Regions (under development) – Specific territorial mapping, by country and region, of experiences applying the territorial and landscape development approaches; and the systematization of case studies (good practices / experiences with policies and model projects, etc.). 
  • Resources – Includes: e-Publications (existing technical reports, studies, guides, tools, etc., including a short summary of the content of each one) and relevant links (primary platforms and specialized organizations)
  • Articles – Includes dynamic sections featuring:
    • Collaborations written by experts about various aspects of the conceptual framework for these approaches.
    • Territorial Experiences that illustrate the application of the various specific components of these approaches in the field;
    • Territorial Opinions of experts in the field of territorial and landscape development, presented in the form of interviews;
  • How to use this Platform? – (You are currently in this module)
  • How to participate? – In order to facilitate knowledge generation and share experiences, “forms” are available to propose Collaborations; Territorial Experiences; and Territorial Opinions; as well as the Systematization of Case Studies.
  • Creating a network – Users of this Platform can contribute their ideas, comments and suggestions using an easy form that will allow us to work together to improve both the content and the usefulness of the Inclusive and Sustainable Territories and Landscapes Platform.

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