Technical Network on Poverty Analysis (THINK-PA)


A recent webinar held by the Technical Network on Poverty Analysis (THINK-PA) presented a paper titled "New distribution sensitive index for measuring welfare, poverty and inequality", where experts delve into innovative methods for evaluating poverty and inequality.


On 16 November the Technical Network on Poverty Analysis (THINK-PA) hosted a highly engaging webinar titled “Leaving no one behind: urban poverty traps in sub-Saharan Africa”. 

Chronic hunger continues to affect an estimated 738 million people worldwide. However, an equally critical concern alongside hunger is the affordability of healthy diets.
Economists Andrew Foster and Mark Rosenzweig shared their research findings that challenge conventional wisdom on farm productivity, land reform, and the future of agriculture.
Experts from the World Bank and Monash University have uncovered evidence of the detrimental effects of global warming on poverty and inequality. The findings highlight the urgent need for comprehensive actions to address this pressing issue.
A new study carried out by members of the FAO Technical Network on Poverty Analysis (THINK-PA) has uncovered important insights into the complex relationship between poverty and food security at the household level.