Technical Network on Poverty Analysis (THINK-PA)

17 January 2023

The World Bank’s Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2022: Correcting Course

with J. Freedman and Y. Soo Kim
24 May 2022 
with Y. Bogale and S. Shcarlin-Pettee
1 September 2020 
 with A. Ocampo and Y. Diaz
14 May 2020  
with R. Vos, D. Laborde and D. Mahler
28 April 2020  
Poverty analysis in the RBAs: WFP’s Essential Needs Analysis and FAO’s Rural Extreme Poverty Framework

with L. Hohfeld, N. Warring, R. Lewis and B. Davis 
4 March 2020 

Intra-household inequalities: empirical evidence and implications for rural poverty reduction policies

with C. Brown (Central European University)  
22 January 2020 
Children of a lesser god? Challenges in integrating sectoral concerns in national household surveys

 with A. Zezza
18 December 2019  
The relationship between food security and poverty measurement
with C. Cafiero
12 November 2019  

The Global Multidimensional Poverty Index: how can it inform rural poverty reduction policies?

with A. Conconi and C. Trivelli (IEP)