Indigenous peoples

Indicators for food security

In May 2015, representatives from different indigenous peoples from Latin America participated in a technical meeting at FAO headquarters, Pueblos Indígenas e Indicadores de Seguridad Alimentaria, organized by indigenous peoples’ team in collaboration with FAO’s Statistics Division to share knowledge on food security and new methods to measure it. Learn more here.

The Insecurity Experience Scale Methodology

The participants were trained in the use of the Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES), an experience-based measurement with eight questions on people's access to adequate food, topical to each indigenous community. The methodology is an easy-to-use tool for indigenous leaders to apply in their own communities, which could support the collection of disaggregated data for national statistical services and encourage the development of sound development policies.

After the workshop, some of the participants brought back practical skills to their communities and trained other indigenous peoples to carry out pilot surveys to collect their own data on their food security. FAO experts will support these indigenous communities in collecting and analysing their food insecurity data, which will allow them to compare results across communities.