Pêche illicite, non déclarée et non réglementée (INDNR)

Methodologies and indicators for the estimation of the magnitude and impact of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing: 1.3 A catalogue of examples

17/12/2023 FAO

Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is, by definition, carried out in contravention of the law, perpetrated without being immediately detected by monitoring and surveillance, or conducted without the constraints of any regulatory system. Estimating the amount of fish taken by such activities is an inherently difficult and uncertain task.

Estimates of IUU fishing can nevertheless assist in encouraging appropriately precautionary management, help design effective monitoring, control and surveillance measures, and generate political will to combat the problem. Although there are a growing number of estimation studies, it can still be challenging to identify pertinent methods for those who wish to develop new estimates.

This volume provides a catalogue of 26 estimation methodologies encompassing a wide range of locations, fishing gear and IUU fishing types. Readers can search the catalogue by estimation approach or primary data source to identify methods presented as summaries. Each method is described in terms of the key elements needed and how they can be sourced, the specific steps involved in constructing the estimate, and guidance on the applicability of the method.

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