Land & Water

The event

FAO and NDB are organizing the Second Workshop on Development Impact and SDGs: Water investments in the context of the SDG frameworks to explore how countries, international organizations and DFIs can work in partnership to prepare and implement investments in the water sector (irrigation, WASH and integrated water resource management) that can support the achievement of SDGs 6, 2 and 17. 

The structure of the workshop will follow the logic of a water investment’s project cycle that starts with strategic planning and identifying an investment opportunity to address a development challenge in the context of SDGs 6 and 2, and goes on to project implementation, monitoring and completion. Under this structure, the workshop will seek to explore collaboration modalities at each stage of the project cycle among different partners which can support the investment’s alignment with SDGs 6, 2 and 17. In particular, the workshop will include four deep-dive sessions across three project stages, some of which will be accompanied by case studies, with the following objectives: 

  1. Pre-investment stage: Understand how countries, international organizations and DFIs may leverage each other’s expertise in designing water-related strategies that can help to identify effective investments to achieve SDGs 6 and 2.
  2. Project preparation and appraisal stage:
    • Observe and test the alignment and integration of SDG indicators related to water investment projects, accounting for positive and potentially adverse impacts of projects across different SDGs;
    • Exchange practical knowledge on methods of project design and appraisal related to the sustainability of water investment projects, including economic, environmental and social analyses and project scoring.
  3. Project implementation, monitoring and completion stage: Explore the role of SDG custodian agencies in helping DFIs and countries implement and monitor projects to achieve results in line with the SDG framework.

As a cross-cutting theme, the workshop will also explore how the integration of digital solutions can also improve planning, designing, implementing and monitoring of water related investments. A key intended outcome of the workshop will be to promote stronger dialogue and partnership between countries, international organizations and DFIs, in order to streamline the SDGs into the investment process and to ensure that the collective and individual efforts are aimed at attaining SDGs 6, 2 and 17.