Markets and Trade Division (EST)

Markets and Trade

FAO's Markets and Trade Division (EST), with its expertise on world agricultural trade, provides analytical and policy information to the United Nations (UN) community, global stakeholders, and beyond. EST keeps a comprehensive market intelligence service of the main agricultural commodities, and houses the Secretariats of the Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP), the Intergovernmental Commodity Groups (IGGs), and the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS). Early warnings of food shortfalls are managed by EST.

Global commodity markets

Monitors major agricultural commodities, including basic foodstuffs, tropical products and raw materials


Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS)

The leading source of information on world food production and food security, it monitors world supply and demand for basic food

Trade policy & partnerships

Promotes transparent, efficient agricultural commodity markets and trade by supporting its Members, including facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships

Emerging trends, challenges and opportunities

Produces multidisciplinary analyses related to agricultural trade and markets, and guidance for responsible value chains


The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets presents commodity market issues in an objective and accessible way to policy-makers, commodity market observers and stakeholders interested in agricultural commodity market developments and their impacts on countries at different levels of economic development.


The Food Outlook is a biannual publication, focusing on developments affecting global food and feed markets. It provides comprehensive assessments and short-term forecasts for production, utilization, trade, stocks and prices on a commodity-by-commodity basis, along with feature articles on topical issues.

Our Leadership

Boubaker Ben-Belhassen



Josef Schmidhuber

Deputy Director


Basic Foodstuffs Team

Upali GalketiAratchilage, Senior Economist

Commodity Markets and Development Team

George Rapsomanikis, Senior Economist


Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture (GIEWS)

Mario Zappacosta, Senior Economist


Projections Team

Holger Matthey, Senior Economist


Raw materials, Horticulture and Tropical Products (RAMHOT) Team 

ElMamoun Amrouk, Senior Economist 


Responsible Global Value Chains for Agricultural Products Team

Pascal Liu, Senior Economist 


Trade Agreements and Agricultural Trade Policy Team

Ekaterina Krivonos, Senior Economist 


EST mandate
  • Provide analytical and policy information to the UN community, global stakeholders, and beyond
  • Keep a comprehensive market intelligence service of the main agricultural commodities
  • Monitor early warnings of food shortfalls
  • Assist countries strengthen their own participation in international trade agreements and promote export
  • Convene and facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships on agricultural value chains
  • Carry out research and analyses of multidisciplinary issues related to agricultural trade and markets and provide guidance for responsible value chains

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