TZH 14 - Agricultural heritage and the modern Maasai

In this episode we are visiting the community of Engarasero, near the border or Kenya and Tanzania. For centuries, semi-nomadic Maasai tribes of East Africa have migrated and herded their cattle through the majestic lands of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. On the northern Tanzanian side, which we will focus on in this podcast, are millions of miles of Maasai-frequented territory. As Maasai tribes have evolved, along with the landscape of the region, Maasai traditions continue to be anchored in agro-pastoralism, which has been reinforced by their ability to cultivate within these difficult, arid drylands. But with Tanzania’s growing population, economic expansion, restructured land use and pressures of climate change on natural resources, modernity and the countries growth have presented challenges for the Massai people. Growth that threatens their ability to sustain themselves.

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