TZH 10 - Trapped at Sea: The fight against slavery in the fishing industry

Follow us as we take a look at the darker side of seafood: slavery aboard fishing vessels. In this week's episode, we will hear from Rahat, a Thai fisherman who was caught at sea for years before he was finally rescued from an Indonesian island in 2015. We'll also talk with victim advocates and international experts pushing for decent labor standards and stronger inspections aboard these trawlers. 

Along the way, we'll explore why trafficking and forced work remain so pervasive in the global fishing industry and what fishers stand to gain from a new collaboration between FAO and the International Labor Organization -- a partnership that joins the fight against human trafficking at sea with the fight against illegal fishing. 

Speakers in this episode include:

Nicola Smith from the International Transport Workers Federation

Brandt Wagner, head of the Transport and maritime Unit in the Sectoral Policies Department of the International Labour Organization

Felix Marttin, Fisheries Resource Officer at FAO

Apinya Tajit, victim advocate with the Apostleship of the Sea


Click here for a transcript of this week's episode.

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