Capacity development

FAO is actively supporting regional and country capacities to shape food systems that enable healthy diets. Developing appropriate food systems policies and actions entails improving governments' and non-State actors' capacities for carrying out the necessary actions. To achieve this goal, FAO has developed a Capacity Development Roadmap in support of the revised Vision and Strategy for FAO's Work in Nutrition (FAO's Nutrition Strategy). The Roadmap will steer the capacity development activities by addressing current gaps and leveraging opportunities. To know more about the Capacity Development Roadmap and its implementation click here.

Main resources by thematic area

FAO has developed a series of technical papers, policy briefs, manuals, e-learning courses, webinars and videos to assist partners in the design and implementation of appropriate, informed and coherent food systems policies and actions.

Click on the thematic areas to know more about our capacity development resources and publications.


Section: Nutrition policies and programmes

This short overview offers highlights from some of FAO’s activities and achievements in nutrition in 2022 and beyond, and presents opportunities and ways to strengthen our actions to achieve better nutrition in...

Section: Nutrition policies and programmes

This paper, a contribution to the Initiative on Climate Change and Nutrition (I-CAN), summarizes options for integrated actions addressing jointly climate change and malnutrition across agrifood, water, social protection, and health systems. 

Section: Nutrition policies and programmes

This paper identifies entry points within agri-food systems to improve biodiversity and diets, two levers that can be used to enhance nutrition and optimize environmental sustainability while ensuring social equity, especially of...

Section: Nutrition policies and programmes

FAO’s mandate includes raising levels of nutrition. The Strategic Framework 2022-31 commits FAO to work for MORE efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agri-food systems for better production, better nutrition, a better environment,...

Section: Food composition

FAO’s Work in Nutrition enables healthy diets, to advance efforts towards reaching global nutrition targets and the SDGs. FAO’s Nutrition Strategy aligns with the...

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