FAO in Pakistan

Gender-Sensitive Value Chain Workshop in Balochistan's Green Sectors: Fostering Collaboration


The Department of Women Development in Balochistan, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Pakistan, organized a three-day workshop on gender-sensitive value chain analysis for Balochistan's green sectors in Quetta. The objective was to enhance collaboration among key stakeholders, including government bodies, farmers' associations, agribusinesses, academia, research institutions, and development agencies. The workshop aimed to promote inclusion, mainstreaming, and sustainable practices in agriculture, livestock, irrigation, and rangeland by addressing challenges hindering rural women's income generation at various stages of the value chain.

Recognizing the significance of leaving no one behind principle and Pakistan’s commitment to 2030 sustainable development agenda, the workshop delved into identifying and understanding the challenges hindering rural women income generation and learning in various stages of the value chain. Through extensive discussions, participants aimed to explore potential opportunities for integrating the women potential into production, processing, marketing, and distribution within the value chains. Hence, rural women’s key contributing role, meaningful participation and representation can be enhanced in all nodes of value chain.

The workshop underscored the significance of coordinated efforts and knowledge exchange among stakeholders to tackle women's inclusion challenges in Balochistan's green sector. Through a collaborative dialogue involving representatives from pivotal government entities, the workshop highlighted the need for a holistic approach to gender mainstreaming, aiming at the economic empowerment of women in Balochistan and integrating women's perspectives to enhance productivity and create a more inclusive value chain.