FAO in Pakistan

Stakeholders Sit Together for Fisheries Policy and Legislation


A two-day stakeholder consultative workshop was organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on Balochistan Fisheries Policy & Legislation on 21and 22 February. 2024 in Karachi. This event was conducted by FAO as part of its technical assistance to the Government of Balochistan in alignment with the "Gwadar Lasbela Livelihood Support Project Phase II (GLLSP-II)" backed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).
The workshop served as a pivotal platform to engage a diverse array of stakeholders within the fisheries sector, aiming to foster collaboration and garner insights for the formulation of a robust fisheries policy framework and legal instruments. Leveraging a bottom-up participatory approach and qualitative methodology, FAO's Technical Team led the initiative with a dedicated focus on empowering the local fisheries and aquaculture value chain.
The workshop witnessed active participation from relevant federal and provincial officials, public sector organizations, subject matter experts, representatives of the fisherman community, academia, and other crucial stakeholders associated with the fisheries and aquaculture value chain. The notable participants included the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for Maritime Affairs; V. Admiral (R) Iftikhar Ahmad Rao, Mr. Imran Gichki; Secretary Fisheries and Coastal Development, Government of Balochistan, Mr. Lal Jan Jaffar, Secretary Planning and Development, Government of Balochistan and Dr. Muhammad Ali Mastoi; Director General Sindh Marine Fisheries.
Speaking on the occasion, these distinguished guests emphasized the development of fisheries policy and assured federal and provincial level support in translating consultation outcomes into actionable policies.
FAO acknowledges the significance of fish and its products for food security, nutrition, and economic growth. Mr. James Robert Okoth, Head of FAO in Sindh, stressed the importance of governance improvement through policy and legislation, particularly in Balochistan. Feedback from the workshop will be crucial in shaping policy development, demonstrating a collective commitment to sustainable growth in Balochistan's fisheries and aquaculture sectors. FAO remains dedicated to driving tangible progress in collaboration with provincial and federal governments and partners, supporting sustainable livelihoods and resilience within local communities.