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The FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit: Empowering Pesticide Registrars Worldwide



“The toolkit is good and very much helpful, especially for countries with limited resources and limited expertise. It should be emphasized for use during registration of pesticides in such countries including Tanzania”
“the training is very helpfull in my dailly activities”
(Tanzania April 2023)

The FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit is a decision support system designed specifically for pesticide registrars in low and middle income countries. This web-based registration handbook serves as a comprehensive day-to-day resource, aiding registrars in the evaluation and authorization of pesticides.

Since 2016, the FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit has made a significant impact on the global stage. About 600 registration staff from over 70 countries have already been trained, equipped with the necessary knowledge to navigate the more than 20 modules in theToolkit and make optimal use of the information provided. The Toolkit training program has empowered registrars and enhanced their capacity to make informed decisions regarding registration of pesticide products, ensuring the protection of human health and the environment.

One of the accomplishments of the Toolkit is its recognition in the second open call for SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) good practices, success stories, and lessons learned in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. This acknowledgement highlights the Toolkit as an exemplary tool that showcases effective practices which can be replicated and scaled-up across the globe.

In addition to the Toolkit website itself, the FAO also develops e-learning courses about the Toolkit contents. The latest course focusses on the importance of pesticide registration, the structure of the Toolkit website and the module on registration strategies.  A previously released course is dedicated to the classification of Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs). This course delves into the identification, mitigation, and sourcing of alternatives for HHPs, providing vital knowledge on managing these particularly hazardous substances.

FAO is again organizing in-country trainings now that most COVID-19 related travel restrictions have been lifted. Recently, Toolkit trainings were organized in Jordan, Morocco and Tanzania and countries can request training by contacting [email protected].

Looking ahead, the FAO has plans to expand the Toolkit's with new modules on topics such as classification & labelling and microbial pesticides. In addition, more e-learning courses will be developed that delve into different modules of the Toolkit.

The FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit stands as a testament to the FAO's dedication to sustainable agriculture and responsible pesticide management. Through its user-friendly interface and comprehensive resources, the Toolkit empowers pesticide registrars to make informed decisions, ensuring the judicious and effective use of pesticides in low and middle income countries.