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Pesticide Registration Toolkit (available in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic

The FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit is a decision support system for pesticide registrars in developing countries. It will assist registrars in the evaluation and authorization of pesticides. The Toolkit can best be considered as a web-based registration handbook intended for day-to-day use by pesticide registrars. Registration staff can use the Toolkit to support several of their regular tasks, including: finding data requirements, evaluating technical aspects of the registration dossier, choosing an appropriate pesticide registration strategy and procedures, reviewing risk mitigation measures and getting advice on decision making.

Separate guidelines have been developed for many of the individual articles of the Code of Conduct and include:

  • Guidelines on data requirements for the registration of pesticides [2013] (also available in Arabic)
    These guidelines focus on the scientific data and other information that may be required to determine what products can be permitted for use and for what purposes. The data and other information described can be used to register all types of pesticides, including public health pesticides.
  • Guidelines on efficacy evaluation for the registration of plant protection products [2006] (also available in Arabic)
    The present guidelines were developed to provide guidance for both the pesticide industry and for governments on the design, conduct and evaluation of pesticide efficacy trials, as stipulated by the Code of Conduct. The guidelines are limited to pesticides intended for plant protection, including the protection of stored products, and plant growth regulators, desiccants or defoliants.