International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Informal International Consultation on Farmers' Rights 18 -20 September 2007, Zambia

At the First Session of the Governing Body of the Treaty in Madrid, June 2006, Norway proposed that a follow-up to Article 9 on Farmers’ Rights be considered by the Bureau of the Governing Body for possible inclusion at the Second Session; the proposal was widely supported. The Bureau decided to include the implementation of Article 9 as an item on the provisional agenda for the Second Session of the Governing Body to the Treaty. To prepare for the discussions under this agenda item, Norway took the initiative to conduct an informal international consultation. One aim of the consultation was to identify key-issues of importance for the implementation of Farmers’ Rights and to facilitate a process towards the realization of Farmers’ Rights by the national governments while acknowledging Farmers’ Rights as vital for present food security and the future of our agricultural plant genetic heritage.

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