Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

International online course on postharvest and fresh-cut technologies

Hybrid Event, 14/11/2016 - 31/01/2017

Organised by Universidad Politécnica de cartagena (UPCT) and the Postharvest and Refrigeratioon Group Technical University of Cartagena, the Course is addressed to Postharvest professionals and pre and post graduate students related to quality and safety assurance, research and extension on production, handling, transport and marketing of whole and fresh‐cut fruits and vegetables.

This virtual course gathers 41 international instructors from the 5 Continents, 20 Countries and 30 Universities/Research Centers. It consists of 50 recorded videos of 30 min each, with a total Course duration of 25 h.
The videos are available at any time on the e-platform and can be watched at the student’s convenience. Tutoring of each class will be attended by the instructor via e-mail. An official certificate in Postharvest and Fresh-cut Technologies will be awarded by Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.
The Course is focused on the formation of professionals, technicians and researchers from companies as well as on undergraduate, master and postgraduate students. It will be a very good opportunity to gain insight and knowledge about metabolism, physiology and handling / processing optimization of whole and fresh-cut products, packaging,
storage, transportation, preserving food quality and safety.

For more information: [email protected] and here.