Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

A collection of articles and papers on food loss and waste and the impact of COVID-19


The food cold chain has serious implications for climate change and the environment. Emissions from food loss and waste due to lack of refrigeration totalled an estimated 1 gigatonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent in 2017 – about 2 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions.


Food waste is an issue for all of us. And across the world we are committed to meeting the global target to halve food waste by 2030 and reduce food loses.


Across Asia, tech startups are taking food otherwise destined for landfill and providing discounted meals through mobile phone apps.


Farming is undergoing a major transformation worldwide, with growing consideration and adoption of more sustainable practices that support climate change mitigation and adaptation.’s platform tracks farmers’ adoption of more sustainable farming techniques and connects them to downstre...


Since the first case was confirmed in Africa in late February, numbers have grown to over 4,500 cases in...


In West Africa, the pandemic has highlighted not just the weaknesses of the supply chain, but also and above all the difficulty of limiting food losses and wastage. On top of logistical failings, a lack of technology and dependence on imports, the coronavirus crisis has exacerbated what was alrea...


As Uganda joins the world in celebrating the first ever observance of the International day of food loss and waste, we recognize the fundamental need to transform and rebalance the way our food is produced and consumed. There might not be quick fixes for this problem, but there are approaches tha...


This study aims to examine changes in food related behaviours that occur in Turkish households due to the Covid-19 outbreak and their effect on food waste amounts.


The novel coronavirus crisis has shaken the entire food and beverage industry, but the dairy sector has been particularly hard hit as demand for many dairy products has evaporated. What happens next for the dairy industry?


This paper investigates the impact of Covid19 pandemic on food waste using an original dataset from 176 agrifood business operators in the European Union (EU). The objective is to assess whether and why the pandemic crisis affected food waste level.