Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

JOB opportunity: Nutrition And Food Systems Officer (Agro-Food Processing)

Hybrid Event, 26/12/2019

The Nutrition and Food Systems Officer will provide technical support in the preparation and implementation of the programme of work in the area of food loss and waste reduction. This will include work on post-harvest systems management, food loss and waste reduction, food processing and preservation, quality assurance and value addition.
Key Results

Research and analysis of information, data and statistics, and the maintenance and updating of related tools, methodologies, and/or databases to support the delivery of programme products, projects, publications, and services.
Key Functions

• Researches and analyses [agricultural, economic, trade, market, social, environmental, nutrition/food composition and/or gender related] data, statistics and information to provide technical, statistical and/or policy related information and analysis to support the delivery of economic and social development programmes work, products, projects, publications and services.
• Produces a variety of technical reports and input for technical documents, Departmental publications and/or web pages.
• Provides technical, statistical, and/or analytical services on various studies, projects, and/or assessments and provides technical backstopping to field projects.
• Participates in the development of improved/updated technical, statistical and/or analytical tools, methodologies, systems, databases, and/or key social/ economic/ environmental/ nutritional and/or early warning indicators, etc.
• Participates on multi-disciplinary teams, collaborates with other departments and agencies on work groups and committees and promotes best practices.
• Collaborates in capacity development activities involving the planning and organizing of training workshops, seminars, and major meetings and the preparation of related information, materials, on-line tools and information kits.
• Promotes knowledge sharing and best practices at international meetings and conferences and influences partners in stakeholder consultations.
• Participates in resource mobilization activities.
Specific Functions

• Participates in the development and promotion of methodologies and guidelines for value added transformation of food and agricultural materials through processing, packaging, handling and storage, including product quality and safety aspects within food and commodity chains.
• Contributes to the provision of technical advice and assistance to member countries for the development and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes pertaining to national and regional development of food and agro-industries and their implications on food security and nutrition, poverty reduction, employment generation, women's empowerment and other relevant policy issues.
• Undertakes technical analyses and reviews relating to agro-food processing technologies and prepare contributions for the development of strategies and policy guidelines for improving their efficiency and output in FAO Member Countries.
• Assesses and evaluates the technical specifications of equipment, tools and post-harvest specific infrastructure.
• Collects, analyses and disseminates data and information related to food and agricultural industries through publications, meetings, workshops, seminars and training courses.
• Develops and maintains contacts with counterparts in relevant national and international academic, research and policy institutions and non-governmental organizations with a view to fostering collaboration for the promotion of food and agricultural industries development in FAO Member Countries.
• Provides backstopping and country-level support in the formulation of policies and programmes for food systems as part of broader strategies to promote sustainable and inclusive agri-food systems and diversify income and employment opportunities, including for the poor, women and youth.
• Performs other related duties as required.
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