Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

#SinDesperdicio Towards a Latin America without Food Loss and Waste - Launch Event

Hybrid Event, 16/10/2018

Washington DC (11:30 AM - 1.30 PM) / The Inter-American Development Bank in occasion of the World Food Day is launching its initiative #SinSesperdicio to reduce food loss ans waste in Latin America.

The initiative will focus on four topics:

1. Innovation, to finance pilot projects and the use of technologies aimed at reducing FLW.
2. Public Policy, to promote the development of regulations, policies and programs that generate a legislative and political enabling environment for the reduction of FLW throughout the chain. From donation laws to national and municipal FLW reduction programs.
3. Knowledge, to finance the development of diagnostic studies on FLW for different food groups, as well as analysis of the market failures that explain the phenomenon.
4. Behavior, to stimulate behavioral changes among consumers and workers in the food sector through support for programs and campaigns that raise awareness on FLW.

The event is held at the IDB HQ 1330 New York Ave NW in Washington DC.

For info: Jovana Garzón and