inter-Regional Technical Platform on Water Scarcity (iRTP-WS)

FAO Water Scarcity Program (WSP) for Asia-Pacific

Philippines - Ifugao Rice Terraces



The Water Scarcity Program (WSP) aims to bring agricultural water use within sustainable limits and prepare the sector for a productive future with less water. Between 2020 and 2025 the WSP will assess the scope of water scarcity in the region, evaluate effective management response options, work to improve governance, and assist partner countries to implement adaptive management in the agriculture water sector using appropriate and newly developed tools and methodologies. There is a natural synergy between many climate-smart agricultural practices and better water management in the face of water scarcity.

The WSP will promote practical water accounting and the development of rational and equitable water allocation processes. It will seek to embed these activities at a high level and represent the interests of all water stakeholders, with the aim of improving policy coherence between water using sectors. The WSP will seek high level regional buy-in and regional cooperation across technical and governance issues. The WSP will undertake field work to understand water tenure and set a framework for the inclusion of all water users in a transparent and equitable manner.

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