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SMAACNET- Sustainable Mechanization across Agri-Food Chains Network

SMAACNET is a web-based database for sharing information of agricultural mechanization that is best adapted to different agro-ecologies and categories of agri-food chains in the region of Asia and the Pacific.

SMAACNET focuses on the needs of smallholder farmers and Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs).

The overarching goal of SMAACNET is to ensure that Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (SAM) contributes to food security, economic development and ecological balance in Asia and the Pacific Region. 

More specifically SMAACNET aims:

  • To exchange knowledge, share experience and promote collaboration and concerted efforts among all stakeholders on the use of SAM across agri-food chains
  • To advocate for the economic, social and environmental values and benefits and trade-offs of using SAM across agri-food value chains.
  • To promote effective linkages among public and private stakeholders associated with the use of SAM in countries of Asia and the Pacific Region.
  • To facilitate the implementation of SAMS at the regional, sub-regional and national levels as well as the implementation of policies and institutional mechanisms associated with SAMS.
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