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Review of agricultural trade policies in post-Soviet countires 2015-16. Summary Report

The document is based on the publication “Review of Agricultural Trade Policies in former Soviet Union countries 2015-16” available in Russian. The main economic and political factors influencing the patterns of agrifood trade in the region during 2014 generally continued to have an impact in 2015 and 2016. In particular, a further slowdown in economic growth was observed in all countries during 2015. In addition, the depreciation of all the national currencies against the US dollar and the euro, which began in 2014, continued in 2015 and, in some cases, in 2016. Due to weaker national currencies and falling consumer demand, the total value of imports of agrifood products in dollar terms decreased in many countries. The decline in demand for agrifood products in the region and lower international prices also contributed to the reduction in the value of agrifood exports from the region. At the same time, the last two years have been marked by stronger integration processes affecting agrifood trade among several countries in the region.

Available in Russian.

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