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Sustainable Agriculture for Biodiversity. Biodiversity for Sustainable Agriculture

This brochure presents FAO’s work on mainstreaming biodiversity as a cross-cutting theme in the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors. It provides examples of on-the-ground activities and highlights relevant international mechanisms. It shows how biodiversity and ecosystems benefit people in countless ways by providing food, clean water, shelter and raw materials for our basic needs.

Agriculture is a major user of biodiversity but also has the potential to contribute to the protection of biodiversity. Occupying more than one-third of land in most countries of the world, if managed sustainably, agriculture can contribute to important ecosystem functions. These include maintenance of water quality, erosion control, biological pest control and pollination.

Our ability to benefit from ecosystem services in the future will depend critically on how we understand, value and manage them today, both within and outside agricultural production systems. To achieve this objective, the different sectors need to work together.