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World food and agriculture. Statistical pocketbook 2018

The implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda is just at the onset. Pursuing the wide and ambitious Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs) poses major challenges at all levels, from the sub-national, to the regional and the international level, and calls for a timely decision of effective policy actions in a quickly-evolving world of scarce resources. In this context, the ability to design sound policies and monitor their outcomes is a key requirement. Measuring progress towards international goals and their national and subnational specifications is of paramount importance. 

This pocketbook presents, at a glance, selected key indicators on agriculture and food security, and is meant to serve as an easy-to- access and quick reference for all stakeholders and partenrs involved in policy formulation or decision making processed. 

The indicators are presented in two sections, one thematic and one country-specific; and are organized along four main themes, Setting, Hunger dimensions, Food supply and the Environment.