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Boosting agricultural trade in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Agrifood systems in Eastern Europe and Central Asia are still adjusting to the political and economic effects of globalization and deepening trade integration, both within the region and worldwide. The region is more engaged in global agri-food trade and increasingly supplies agricultural commodities and food products to international markets. However, most countries are yet to reach their full trade potential. To benefit from trade, the countries are stepping up their efforts to implement trade agreements, align their regulation with international standards and diversify exports. 

The project benefits stakeholders in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with specific activities in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine to strengthen the policy environment for multilateral trade agreements and export development, in line with the FAO Regional Initiative for Improving Agri-food Trade and Market Integration in Europe and Central Asia.

This project flyer provides a brief overview of the project and highlights what was accomplished during project implementation from February 2017 to May 2018.

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