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Due diligence, tenure and agricultural investment. A guide on the dual responsibilities of private sector lawyers in advising on the acquisition of land and natural resources

The Development Law Service has been collaborating with the International Bar Association (IBA) for a few years now, in legal research and capactiy development in areas of common interest. This year, the IBA will hold its Annual conference in Rome in early October 2018 and LEGN will take part in the panel discussion of the Agricultural Law Committee of the IBA. The topic of this year's discussion is responsible investments in agriculture, and what lawyers need to know about the VGGT and the CFS-RAI principles, when they are advising their clients on large scale agricultural land investments in the exercise of the duty of due diligence. 

This technical guide was commissioned specifically for this event given the large presence of private practice and government lawyers from all around the world at the IBA Conference. The technical guide will be presented by the author together with LEGN staff.