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FAO/WHO guide for application of risk analysis principles and procedures during food safety emergencies

An essential part of the Food Safety Emergency  Response (FSER) is the process of assessing the risk,  making risk management decisions, and communicating  risk in the face of time constraints, lack of data and  knowledge gaps. While the elements for conducting  a risk analysis have been documented by Codex  Alimentarius, the process of applying the risk analysis  concept operationally during an emergency has not  been addressed thoroughly. Some countries do, however,  have well-defined  procedures for assessing, managing  and communicating food safety risks in the context  of emergency situations, from which best practices  may be derived.  FAO and WHO have developed this document to support countries in applying risk analysis principles and  procedures during emergencies in their own national  food control systems, as risk analysis is a key component  of national FSER planning.