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Case study

Developing inclusive food systems in Kenya and the United Republic of Tanzania. Lessons learned from the agribusiness support for smallholders project in Kenya and the southern highlands food systems programme in Tanzania

The publication aims at presenting best practices and lessons learned from two programmes implemented in Kenya and in the United Republic of Tanzania which capitalized on FAO's experience and knowledge in inclusive food systems development, targeting both the policy and institutional level and the direct support to value chain actors (i.e. SMEs). The focus of the programme was twofold, covering both the policy level (through improved inter-sectoral coordination and capacity building of institutions) and the pilot of inclusive investments strategies by small and medium agro-industries to source from small-scale producers. Four food subsectors were selected, based on their nutrition relevance in the national and local consumption patterns and on their economic potential for small-scale actors (red meat, white meat, soybean, rice, maize and edible oils).