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Guidelines for the Control and Prevention of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) in Wildlife Populations. Peste des petits ruminants Global Eradication Programme

The PPR Secretariat, the OIE Working Group on Wildlife, and the PPR Global Research and Expertise Network (GREN) have jointly developed these guidelines for PPR prevention, outbreak response, and control in wildlife, which can be used by countries to develop their PPR national strategic plans. These guidelines are intended to help countries in the development and implementation of PPR eradication programmes, including objectives, policies and strategies that can be adapted to the full range of national needs, and that facilitate the integration of the wildlife sector into the national strategic plan.

Integration will enhance the conservation of wildlife populations, and facilitate management of diseases at the wildlife–livestock interface. Establishing a multisectoral coordination mechanism is essential to ensure good governance and effective collaboration in achieving PPR eradication goals. The purpose of this document is to provide a conceptual framework that can be tailored to a particular national and epidemiological context. In addition, these guidelines, while specific to PPR eradication, can be adapted for any disease at the wildlife–human–livestock interface.

Also available in Russian, French, Mongolian, Spanish and Chinese