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FAO and the 2030 Agenda follow-up and review. Guidance note for FAO Country and Regional Offices, January 2023

The main objective of the Guidance Note for FAO Country and Regional Offices is to support the process of re-positioning FAO as a strong member of the UN family supporting its Member States in the process of sustainable development through sustainable agrifood systems transformation, ensuring better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life for all, leaving no one behind.

This Guidance Note for FAO Country Offices covers information about the importance of the follow-up and review process for the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, including information about the gaps in the coverage of the Voluntary National Reviews, and recommendations on what needs to be strengthened to make the VNRs meaning instruments for the acceleration of transition towards sustainable development pathways.

The Guidance Note describes the process of the preparation of the VNRs and what FAO Country Offices need to be aware and mindful of when providing support to the national partners.

The five annexes offer the detailed how-to guidance on what needs to be achieved at each step of the preparation process and includes a set of questions to guide Country Offices in their work with the national partners.

The Guidance Note also includes additional resources, links to key documents and milestones useful for the preparation of the VNR report.