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Enabling a legal environment for the prevention and reduction of food loss and waste

Food loss and waste (FLW) is a global burden with a negative impact on the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. The loss and waste of food suitable for human consumption hampers food security and nutrition and hinders the realization of the human right to adequate food.

Regulatory measures to tackle FLW include establishing institutional mechanisms for coordination of action, allocating clear roles and responsibilities among all stakeholders involved and setting binding targets for the reduction of FLW. These can enhance the transparency and accountability of all actors relevant for the prevention and reduction of FLW throughout the food supply chain.

This legal brief outlines a set of key national level regulatory measures that contribute to an enabling environment for the prevention and reduction of FLW at all stages of the food supply chain under an agri-food system approach. This brief is drafted in accordance with international standards, particularly, the FAO Voluntary Code of Conduct for Food Loss and Waste Reduction.