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Integrating the Right to Adequate Food in National Food and Nutrition Security Policies and Programmes. Practical Approaches to Policy and Programme Analysis

This volume outlines a simple and practical way to analyse the design and implementation of food and nutrition security (FNS) policies and programmes from a right to food perspective. The right to food approach, as an instrument to help formulate FNS policies and programmes, is emphasized. The primary focus is on national overarching FNS policies. The question of how to assess sector policies that may have direct or indirect impacts on food security and nutrition security is also addressed. Good policies need an enabling implementation environment, which includes evidence-based decisions, adequate financial and human resources and sound governance. These aspects are addressed within the context of the formulation and implementation of FNS policies. Programmes are operational instruments designed to implement policies. FNS policies with strong right to food underpinnings should give rise to action plans and programmes that translate such underpinnings into practice.

For this reason, FNS programmes are analysed from a right to food perspective to assess whether are developed and implemented with full respect for right to food principles. The analytical and methodological approaches outlined here can be applied at two different stages: (a) when an FNS policy or programme is being formulated for the first time, or (b) when an existing FNS policy or programme and its impacts and implementation process are being assessed.

This reference guide complements existing relevant methodological reference guides, such as are found in the Right to Food Methodological Toolbox.

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