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Analysis of Public Expenditure Towards Food Security and Nutrition. Methodology Working Paper

Given the prevalence of Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) as a development objective and the importance of appropriately using public resources, the current paper aims to propose a classification table and method to construct indicators of public expenditures towards FSN, which can subsequently be used for policy analysis. The paper follows the following structure: after a brief introduction, the research question is introduced and positioned with respect to related researches available in the literature in section 2. The rationale of the MAFAP public expenditures in support of food and agriculture methodology is detailed in section 3, before being applied to the case of public expenditures for FSN in section 4. The last section is dedicated to the operationalization of the proposed methodology in terms of process and use of the classification table, with classification examples. Further perspectives to expand the classification and test it are briefly discussed before concluding. 

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