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Case study

Turkey. Water Along the Food Chain. Towards Water-Smart Agrifood Policies: The Case of Red Meat Processing. Country Highlights. FAO Investment Centre

Turkey’s agri-food sector will be of tremendous importance in the decades to come. In 2013, in terms of its total gross agricultural production value (at 2004-06 constant prices), Turkey was ranked eighth in the world, just behind Argentina and closely followed by France and Mexico. The first objective of this report is to compile empirical evidence from official statistics on water usage in the Turkish agricultural sector and to combine this with available qualitative information and first-hand company-level and stakeholder information about water usage in typical processing steps along the Turkish food value chain. This analysis was conducted while taking the perspectives of both the public and private sectors into account, and with a view toward the potential need for investment in order to maintain and increase the competitiveness of the Turkish agri-food industry in the long-term. 

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