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Multisectoral Coordination Mechanisms Operational Tool. An operational tool of the Tripartite Zoonoses Guide

Zoonotic diseases are transmitted between animals and people and impact health, livelihood and national and global health security. A multisectoral, One Health approach is necessary to address such complex heath threats at the human-animal-environment interface.

Establishment of a multisectoral, One Health coordination mechanism allows countries to coordinate addressing zoonotic diseases and other shared health concerns at the human-animal-environment interface, including both leadership and technical functions, to strengthen and develop collaboration, communication, and coordination across the sectors and achieve better health outcomes.

The Multisectoral Coordination Mechanism Operational Tool (MCM OT) provides a standard stepwise approach for countries to establish or strengthen a mechanism for multisectoral, One Health coordination to manage zoonotic diseases, with references to principles and best practices described in the Tripartite Zoonosis Guide.